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Families & Their Advisors

Family Advisors

graymatter was born from its founder’s 12 + years’ experience as a financial advisor working with individuals and families of significant wealth and multiple years of research and consulting education. graymatter knows advisors and graymatter knows families.

Creating the types of advisors families of wealth seek but rarely graymatter works with families to create a due diligence criteria list to choose advisors that fit their needs and their family culture. We then reverse that process so that our advisor clients become just the type of advisors we consult our family clients to look for. 

To effectively compete in today’s environment and to provide wealthy individual and family clients the level of service they demand, advisors must develop a new service model. This includes a new mindset of service to the client, a new approach to team development, a new concept of the advisor as ‘personne de confiance’ to individuals and families of wealth, and a clear understanding of the critical influences of generational perspectives and family dynamics.


Services for advisors
How to appropriately serve families of wealth
The New client profile    
The New wealth transition paradigm  
Becoming the ‘Personne de confiance’  
Goal-based asset allocation
The team advisory factor
Roles, goals, and MPT
The generational factor
The family dynamics connection
Asset location issues

Family Services


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