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Families & their advsors

The graymatter difference

When working with us, families experience a process that gets to the foundational elements of risk by focusing on the impact of generational perspectives on the dynamics of interaction among family members. These dynamics infiltrate every discussion, every action, every decision made about the wealth.

The sources of these risks lie:
a) in the differences in generational perspectives and
b) the differences in linear and cyclical thinking

Both of these comprise the foundational elements in family dysfunction. All of our processes were designed to address the two sources of risk mentioned above.

The implementation of these processes has caused families to tell us that we saved their lives, that we greatly facilitated their ability to communicate with greater transparency during their family meeting, and that family members who formerly would not associate with other family members were now getting together for tea.

Our founder has been a professional in the wealth management industry since 1988 and has depth of experience both as a financial advisor and as a family office expert. We are honored to have been recognized by our industry peers as leaders in thought and in consultation in these areas.

This positions graymatter uniquely in the industry to effectively integrate the relationships between family and advisors so that the family's authentic goals are more robustly supported by its entire advisory team, including the family office.


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