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Families & their advsors

The graymatter experience

You’ll find details about our services here. Our service delivery process is different. You can hire us to help you with large projects like governance or smaller projects like facilitating a family meeting. You can find all of our service offerings outlined under each category. We customize each process to give your family an experience that authentically fits your needs.

Our Consulting Projects are organized into three basic categories based on graymatter's proprietary Generational Wealth Management Continuum(SM) described in the book, "Generational Wealth Management."

The categories are:

1) Family Governance
2) Translation
3) Implementation of Strategies

Within those categories listed above, clients can custom-tailor subscribe to any project or mini-project they wish, in any order they wish. They can subscribe to a series of mini-projects and any such projects they have completed automatically apply to the body of work contained in a larger project.

For example: A family may be dealing with a severely disruptive family member. The family may choose to work with us initially through the Family Crisis Management Mini-Project. Then, they may follow up with the Defining the Family Vision Mini-Project. After completion of those two, the family may decide they need to form a more formal governance system. They could then choose the larger project entitled “Family Governance Project. The work accomplished through the two mini-projects would apply to the work required for the Family Governance Project.

The Case Studies below illustrate the unmistakable influence of family and generational dynamics on decisions made about the wealth.


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