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Families & Their Advisorsa

Families of Wealth

graymatter Strategies LLC is an award-winning family office consultancy in the business of helping families of wealth better manage:

1. The risks in their family relationships
2. The risks in relationships between the family and its advisors

graymatter bases its proprietary process on the following fundamental principles:

  1. Generational perspectives create the dynamics of the family
  2. There is a direct relationship between generational perspectives, family dynamics, and the decisions families make regarding almost every aspect of the management of their wealth. 
  3. Wealth cannot be sustained or perpetuated over multiple generations unless family members can effectively communicate with each other regarding wealth issues.
  4. The primary reasons the proverb “Shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations” is so highly predictive involve a) breakdowns in communication and trust within the family and b) lack of clarity by the next generation about its roles and their accompanying responsibilities.

Services for Families  

Pre-governance work and needs assessment 
Inter-family communication
Family meeting facilitation
The generational factor
Goal-based asset allocation facilitation*
Family vision/mission development
Inter-family marketing
Role definition and education
The family dynamics connection
Wealth transition consulting 

Advisor Services



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