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graymatter marketing consulting

There is a “new normal” for today’s family clients. And it’s driven by the questions, "Whom can we trust?,” “How can we better manage risk?,” “How do we choose the right advisors?,” and “What roles should those advisors occupy and what should we expect from them?”

Traditional approaches to win clients do not match families’ expectations of family office level service delivery. We work with families of wealth to help them develop due diligence criteria to find exactly the right advisory fit with their needs and family culture.

Then, we turn right around and work with you to become the advisor that fits the criteria families develop.

graymatter marketing consulting may include any or all of the four components listed below. The initial Assessment and Recommendation session is a prerequisite for any further work.
  • Initial assessment and recommendation session
  • Strategic marketing plan development
  • Development of marketing collateral, strategic campaigns, other activities
  • Consulting to facilitate and monitor implementation of plan; track implementation; implement accountability structure.


Winning the opportunity to work with families of wealth requires a deeper understanding of their needs. It mandates viewing the delivery of your expertise within the family’s definition of success.

Marketing, most rightly, is the process through which these deep relationships of trust are built. It is a rewarding and robust exercise that leads to transforming work into a fun and fulfilling way of life.

Within that view, marketing becomes a continual process—of building relationships, building trust, and making client dreams come true. In the process, your dreams of a more fulfilling career also come true.

A marketing strategy that consistently sends the same message throughout all operational levels, communication levels—both internal and external—and through multiple generations of its clientele builds a compelling identity and serves clients incomparably. This is the goal of the wealth advisor families seek. This is the legacy of the wealth advisor of choice.

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