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Families & Their Advisors

graymatter Q &A s

These are questions both families and advisors tend to ask us…contact us if you’d like to ask us your own question or to have more robust response to the ones listed below.


I don’t want my wealth to spoil my children or grandchildren. How can you help me with this?

If we can’t even talk to each other, how can you possibly help us?

Our family members talk to each other. We all get along fine and everyone is happy with the arrangements we’ve made. Why do we need you?

As an advisor, I know I need to be serving my family clients differently. What should I do?

I’ve spoiled my kids and given them everything they wanted. Now what do I do?

How do I continue my legacy through the generations?

Why graymatter Strategies?

How does graymatter work with Clients?

What will graymatter do for me and my family?

What can I expect out of my experience?

How can you help my family break down the barriers between generations?

Why have you made generational perspectives the foundation of your consulting processes?

Got more questions? Contact Us! Through our Guestbook, or by phone, or by email. We’d love to hear from you.



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