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Sometimes it’s difficult to clearly identify and articulate the work that needs to be done on the “warmer” side of wealth management. So, our firm has developed specific consulting projects that directly address the needs families have in these areas.

Rather than a scripted model, each project outlines a path that leads each family to their own experience as they go through the selected process. Each project has a process outline, a stated objective, and physical and/or digital deliverables that make the process more tangible and useful over the long term.

The Service Projects highlight the following specialties:
1) Pre-governance education and readying the family for a governance portal that really works
2) Analysis of family dynamics, family office service and assessment of function over form, advisor relationships, and analysis and review of trusts
3) Creation of customized, multi-generational family governance systems
4) Guiding families in developing a multi-generational philanthropic focus
5) Pre-trust creation consulting and/or trustee-beneficiary education and relationship development
6) Goals-based wealth management
7) Integration of material and financial asset management with the management of intellectual, social, and human assets
8) Guidance to families in accessing outsourced experts for philanthropy, ancillary services, family office systems, tax, and legal services

These specialties make us particularly well suited for the following roles:

1) We can serve as the liaison between your family and your family office
2) We can manage the process for creating your own family office
3) We will work with your family office and/or advisors in aligning their service more directly with your goals

For more information on our Service Projects and how we might help your family, please contact us.


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