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About US

Thank you for your interest in how graymatter STRATEGIES LLC can work with you. Here and on our Family & their Advisors page, we offer an overview of our services, including the things for which we bring in external best-of-breed resources to robustly fit your needs.

We believe in the power of positive intervention. We help you reposition your financial and material wealth as a tool for living responsible, fulfilling, and happy lives. If you and your family have been searching for a process that feels comfortable and makes sense, you’ve come to the right place.  

What We Do:

graymatter is an award-winning family office consultancy in the business of helping families of wealth better manage the risks in their family relationships and the risks in relationships between the family and its advisors.

Service Offerings:

We have two introductory offerings that address two critical needs of families:

1) A basic review of family dynamics and their influence on the material and financial wealth
2) Criteria development for choosing the right advisors

Business Model

We work on a project basis and also on retainer. We work with families directly or in a powerful three-pronged relationship with a family advisor or family office.

The proprietary processes we’ve developed are designed to provide a structure that facilitates each client’s personal, bespoke experience. We stick with you for life if you’ll let us because we want to make sure the work we’ve done together remains fully assimilated into your family’s interactions, decision making, and transitions.

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